Retain Fluency

AI Powered study exercises for

Intermediate & Advanced

language learners

Why use Retention?

Most popular language apps cater to language newbies with over-simplified study exercises

Retention is for learners who already have a language foundation and want to:

  1. Maintain language understanding
  2. Build on their existing knowledge
AI curated study exercises
AI Powered evaluation & feedback
Inteligent vocab collection
Dynamic language proficiency alignment
Progress tracking

Gain exposure to new ideas and vocab

Retention will prompt you with a wide variety of phrases that span thousands of categories. When you are unfamiliar with a word simply click on it to get some help. Retention will keep track of each word you need help with and will attempt to incorporate it in future study exercises

Get AI powered feedback for each exercise

Each study exercise you submit will flow through our AI powered evaluation engine. It will offer feedback as to what could be improved and it will keep track of your progress overtime.

Ready to get started?

We offer a month-to-month subscription that can be canceled at anytime!


Supported Languages

Basa Jawa - Javanese

Deutsch - German

Русский - Russian

Tiếng Việt - Vietnamese

日本語 - Japanese

한국어 - Korean

Français - French

Bahasa Indonesia - Indonesian

Español - Spanish

Türkçe - Turkish

हिन्दी - Hindi

বাংলা - Bengali

Italiano - Italian

Português - Portuguese

中文 - Chinese

Bahasa Malaysia - Malay

Don't see your language listed?

Let us know and we'll add it ASAP!